Microsoft Announces Global Anti-Piracy Day

Microsoft Corp. today announced Global Anti-Piracy Day, a simultaneous launch of education initiatives and enforcement actions in 49 countries on six continents to combat the sophisticated, illegal trade of pirated and counterfeit software. The programs announced today include intellectual property awareness campaigns, engagements with partner businesses, educational forums, local law enforcement training, and new legal actions against alleged software counterfeiters and pirates.


Разбира се, момчетата от "Пиратите" веднага са поели инициативата присърце и са си сложили дори банер+линк на началната страница!


1 коментара:

Марко Фризия каза...

Bill Gates can bite me. He is rich enough! Don't you think they could have a global anti-poverty or global anti-war day instead? Gimme a break!

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